Killer Cop:  Matthew Jacob Marin, Houston Police Department, Houston, Texas

Victims:  2


52. 10/9/09 – Jose Oseguera, h/m, killed when shot by Houston PD officer M.J. Marin, a 2-yr. veteran. When officers responded to an assault call, they saw Oseguera stabbing his girlfriend on an apartment balcony. As they climbed the stairs to the balcony, a neighbor tried to intervene in the stabbing, but was himself stabbed. Marin fired twice at Oseguera, who then turned toward the officers. Marin fired again, hitting Oseguera in the head, killing him. The neighbor also died at the scene. Oseguera is the 21st person known to have been shot to death this year by a Harris County police officer. (media reports)

Information about Brian Claunch, killed in 2012

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